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Best way to set links


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Just want to ask what is the best method for linking within a site. If it makes a difference at all.


If my home page is mysite.com (index.html), and I wanted to make a contact us page. When I add a Contact Us link to the home page, would I only need to have the link as contactus.html, or would I be better served using the full URL, such as <a href="http://www.mysite.com/contactus">Contact Us</a>.


I hope I explained that ok.



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I tend to prefer to use relative paths (contactus.html) rather than using the full path since if for some reason the URL changes (for example, I'm developing the site on a development server, and once it's finished it will be transferred to a different URL) that won't mean I have to fix all the links. Also, saves me a little bit of time and keeps my code shorter. It is a personal preference thing though -- I don't believe one method is necessarily "better" over the other.

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I'd agree with Ben. In addition to the benefits he mentioned, it also means you don't have to find/replace every link if 'someone' decides to change the domain name at the last minute (www.mysite.com to, say, www.mygreatsite.net). ;)


Hope that helps!

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