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Just curious... what web stats do you use? Anyone use anything besides Google Analytics?


I'm giving Mint a shot (http://haveamint.com/) and I really like what I see so far, even if it did cost me $30. I like that it shows current data, and you don't have to wait around for it like you do for Google Analytics (yes, I'm impatient. :P)


As I said... anyone use anything other than Google Analytics that I should look at? I like statistics... even if they don't mean much. :)

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Well, I'm a bit of a numbers geek... Google Analytics seems to provide my traffic information in a clean, attractive way. I'm not sure if GA tracks 404s though, or at least I can't find it, so that's unfortunate. Still, I think I like Mint best out of the three (GA, AWstats, Mint).


just did a quick search for the GA 404 reporting: -


Reporting on missing or error pages requires a few steps:

1. Add the Google Analytics tracking code to a custom 404 error page


2. Modify the tracking code on the 404 page as follows (see the urchinTracker modification in red below):


This code sends a virtual pageview of "/404.html?page=[pagename.html?queryparameter]" to your account, where [pagename.html?queryparameters] is the missing page name.


3. Look for /404.html in your Top Content report. Or to make it easier open the Dynamic Content report and expand the list for "/404.html."

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