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  1. HI there on the following website : - if viewed in firefox this is more noticeable : - http://temp.pentabus.co.uk/menu/ you will notice a flicker on the right hand side - it may not do it straight away - but after a few transitions you will notice a very very tiny jump on the right hand scroll bar when an image changes - when i used the following line i lost the scroller obviously : - overflow-y: scroll !important; and when i use overflow: scroll; it is still appearing ever so slightly but alot less than without this line of css, can anybody help me. thanks for re
  2. - Limit the amount of input they have to do e.g. is your sign up form nice and short? - Prevent the visitor from getting distracted - remove the navigation - make sure what you want them to do is clear - adjust your copy (to make it sound more enticing) - state what?s in it for them - try different headlines - add comments from people who have already signed up - you could try and use video (video could be a demo of you?re free trial There are loads more you could try but give those a go and be sure to monitor the performance
  3. You could also do a link building campaign. Submit the website to directories. Directories are a great way to get free links pointing back to your website. If for example you owned a web design website do a google search for web design directories.
  4. just did a quick search for the GA 404 reporting: - Reporting on missing or error pages requires a few steps: 1. Add the Google Analytics tracking code to a custom 404 error page 2. Modify the tracking code on the 404 page as follows (see the urchinTracker modification in red below): This code sends a virtual pageview of "/404.html?page=[pagename.html?queryparameter]" to your account, where [pagename.html?queryparameters] is the missing page name. 3. Look for /404.html in your Top Content report. Or to make it easier open the Dynamic Content report and expand the list for "
  5. yes agreed, i would only include the code for the menu, i would never include the doc type etc
  6. hi guys, i have had the same and my solution is to use <?php include 'includes/menu.html'; ?> what this means is separate your website into individual elements e.g. header, left content, right content, footer etc But the key here is to create separate pages for each section of your website. And then you simply globalize all of your sections. So you only have to edit that one page, hence 'menu.html' and then as this page has been included in all other pages you only have to make the amends to the menu.html page. Apologies if this is not clear please say if this is not clea
  7. hi guys, i noticed some of you have been having difficulty getting your website indexed. To hurry this process up just send out a ping to your website. A ping is when you alert the search engines that new content is available to be indexed. If any of you need this kind of assistance (to get your website found by google quicker) please let me know and i can write a short review and send out a ping.
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