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For people new to the subject, here are the 4 online marketing methods you have at your disposal:

  1. Content marketing: Writing articles, making video and podcasts.
  2. Social media marketing: Instagram, twitter etc ... Both paid and organic.
  3. Google ads.
  4. Email marketing.

What method you use, or combination of methods, depends on your skills, time and target market.







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I will be a badass and say that there are the fifth way of doing Marketing. I am talking about this way when all the work is done by someone and you just pay for it. I am not ironizing here, I’m just trying to say here that the most valuable thing in this life is not money, not the popularity of our product or websites, firms, no, it’s time. So, if you have time to do it all by yourself, I’m happy for you. I choose to find a place like https://marketingconsultant.com.sg/ and they will do anything I need. For the price they are requesting, I feel a little bit guilty of taking their time. You can also check it if I was able to change your minds.

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