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CSS Foundation course question


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I am now in chapter 4 Lesson three of the CSS foundations course. It keeps referring to the external css sheet in all the lessons and I understand how this works but I have chosen not to use the downloaded files because I prefer to hand code it all myself to aid with memory. So all of my CSS is currently in the style tag on the page which is fine although my navigation is still at the bottom.

Is there a lesson ahead that actually puts the code into the external stylesheet? If so I will wait until then, I don't recall Stefan actually referring to it.

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8 hours ago, StephenMBassett said:

I took the CSS course about 5 weeks ago, and I replicated all of the code while watching the videos, just like you're doing.  Just keep doing what you are doing and it will all work out.  I don't recall that there was any code which wasn't coded out in the videos.



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