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Gradient with a subtle spotlight


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I'm not really sure what to call this effect, so I'm not finding any tutorials while googling. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to create something like this?






See how the background has a very subtle gradient and an area of light within? How is that done??

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Pick the gradient tool on the top menu bar there are 4 different types - use the 2nd one radial gradient and set the foreground and background colours. Then click and drag from the middle to the edge - you might have to inverse the colours to get the lighter one in the middle. If you want a more subtle gradient, double click the coloured gradient in the top toolbar and you can add colours to it.


If you need a tutorial Google - Photoshop radial gradient.

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the first page deosn't look like a gradient to me, more playing with different shades of the color to get a light effect, often used in posters.


try this, fill the background with the color you want to use, let say grey #383838, now slect the brush, a big blurry with hardness 0. select a slightly lighter grey and apply it into the middle.

You should now have something very similar to the first url.

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