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Hi everyone,


I've just come across your site and I was hoping to benefit from some of your advice.


I have recently launched a local computer repair company. I am trying to improve the search engine rank of my site so that it comes closer to the top of search engine results.


We are using Joomla as the CMS for the site and I have enabled SEO in the back end. Are there any specific tips for Joomla sites that you can give me to enhance the site's placement in the search results?


Secondly, I would like your opinions on the site. What do you think of the design? Is it clear what we do? Does anything put you off?


The site is: w ww.wic ketts.co.uk [Remove Spaces]


I would be very grateful for your opinions and help.


Many thanks




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Are you on Google maps? Add the link and the Google logo so your customers can find you, and see basic listing information about your business. I don't know if Google uses that as a factor in their search engine, but after setting up a Google account and getting a map listing and a calendar (both free) my own business came up higher in the rankings. And I don't have to pay for AdClicks.



PS: I like your site.

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Hi everyone,


Thank you for your help. I've done everything that you have suggested.


I have a Google PageRank of zero but hopefully that will go up once these changes kick in.


Thanks again


Pagerank has gotten a very reduced role since google started fighting cheaters and private add selling on pages.


but a good way on not jumping into the wrong boat and competeting in keyword niches where you don't have a chance against the big players. I would suggest you check more complex keywords, more preferably keywords that a person in your area would use.


Computer Repairs in Area, Computer Reperairs in CityName etc


spend some time @ http://www.google.com/trends and analyse and compare volumes of googlers searching these keywords. You might not have a chance in the Computer Repairs maybe but you might get good positions among longer keyword searches that have good amount of searches. Rank good on a couple of them and it might pay off better than for one single hard key word.


And don't forget it's not the computer repairs you want to position well in, it's in the searches people in your area search for you need, to get clients.


so in google trends let's do a study: Set Location USA, and search history of 30 days.


We assume we live in Dallas TX.


try these searches: computer repair,computer repairs,repair computer, computer service.


Right of the bat you can see that computer repairs is not a good keyword to rank good for, as only a small fraction uses that search term when googling, we also see that computer service is a rarely used search term among Dallas users.


Also we spot two good looking search terms that a frequently googled among Dallas users:

computer repair, and repair computer.


Interesting part here is that repair computer has slightly better results than repair computer. Now let's check the competition google them:


As suspected we got quite the competition right here, after all google trends has been around for a while and is used so frequently it's almost abused by people in the affiliate landing pages business ( I made my living by it for 2 years at one point).


So I can conclude we won't show up on the first page over night, it will take some time.

But I still want to take a piece of that cake so I got three ways I can go:


Keep investigating search terms in google trends until I find a couple with not ideal but still a good amount of searches made on that don't pose such a big competition to me. I start adding content that is rich on keywords for those specific keywords (don't spam but good use content), update frequently and it pays of, might take some time in a worst case scenario.


Second alternative is getting on that map shown in computer repair dallas and repair computer dallas. It lists local businesses, so registering and getting listed there would indeed be a good idea. Sure it costs, but it seems as a good investment, as this targets the persons I really want to reach.


Third would be targeted adsense ads, here you need to invest, but might be a good investement as after all I won't get anywhere near the first page for quite some time, and by buying I will show up, and when I reach the first time I stop the ad campain.

Targeted ads are also nice way of stealing competition, some dirty trick I used to do back a few years, check your competitions hopepages and look for google ads running on their site. Now make a anlyse of the pages they are showing on, better yet check under what keywords they show up in google, and buy ads to show up when these keywords are present in the page. A fair bet is that the visitors will click on your ad while on the competitions site is if we present a cheaper price than theirs, that will make them click.


And if you are lucky the competition is not filtering out any keywords that might be used by their competitors, And you can actually pull it off.

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I am giving some information for SEO & Thoughts, that you must to know first.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most effective promotional strategies for a business to promote their website. Search Engine Optimisation is a mix of strategies for managing a website by changing both internal and external factors with the goal to increase the importance that a site receives from search engines, like Google. SEO targets to create friendly websites for the end user, the customer, and making sure that a website delivers valuable information to the consumer and the search engines. Search engine optimisation involves many aspects, and all the tecniques a manager should follow should be according to search engines guidelines. Local SEO is a vital marketing tactic for any business to promote products and services according to geographical areas. With more customers going online, the time has never been better to apply local SEO. According to statistics consumers searching locally will continue growing. Google for example will display local results first before natural listings. The locally focused searches can increase traffic, higher conversions and purchases to companies. For example, someone in Peterborough is looking for garage doors. You can provide a specific page about your services and products in Peterborough. As a result instead of directing your customers to the home page of your Web site, you could provide a page with your company address, phone number and other information specific to the specific location. After few weeks your conversions will increase. When you will do your keyword research you should analyse and search for each location individually. You'll usually find that there are differences between how people from different locations search for products or services in their area. When you will create your listings you should create a different title, keywords and description for each location. Further, you should add a link for each location in the sitemap. You should be Careful because according to goggle guidelines you should have less than 100 links per sitemap. With traditional SEO, off-page factors are very important. The same strategy applies for local SEO as well. Create inbound links between your site and relevant local trusted and authority sites.

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I need to start offering in-depth SEO to my clients and can you advise the best possible way to do this.


I basically only offer whereby I enter the META tags and simple search engine submission but that is it.

More recently my clients have been asking how they can market their website.


Could you please advise the possible approach I could take to offer this to my clients. My design rates are far too low and I am afraid of sending them to a company that specializes in SEO MARKETING because these companies have expensive rates.


I appreciate any and all correspondence.


Thanks :rolleyes:

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everyone in the SEO business are pissing their pants now when DIYSEO service by Patrick Gavin one of the top togs in SEO launched.

Basically if you are pretending to know anything and really fool your clients that you can compete with the major SEO service firms, get over yoruselves and just tell them to go there or use that to help your clients at least this way you will actually accomplish something.


But as far as small companies if they know about that service that will make you lose that client, and the bigger firms won't ever hire you.. last step is targeting the small businesses that don't know anything about seo and thus not heard about it yet.

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