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  1. You use the Media Manager or FTP client to upload the first video file to a directory on your site. You can create if you want to "/ video" or "/ images / video evidence" for this purpose. When you've done this, and will to install an extension for those that play video. Some video accessories may allow you to download and play on both, and will only need to read the documentation associated with them.
  2. Search this keyword "ecommerce theme" in Google search engine. Then you can see your expected result.
  3. Some tips on how ever you look at it, determining your price is a difficult task. Here are nine factors to take into consideration: 1. Your Costs 2. Your Profit 3. Market Demand 4. Industry Standards 5. Skill level 6. Experience 7. Your Business Strategy 8. Your Service 9. Who is Your Client
  4. May be your coding mistake. You post it.
  5. I'm new familiar with 'Conditional Comments or Hacks'. May be it helpful for me in future. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I have found in this site with lots of useful information for programmers & developers of all kinds. I have joined the community and would like to invite you to join as well.

  7. So this topic is helpful for others new beginner.
  8. Hi guys, can you please tell me a good png transparency js? I've tried 2 of them for ie6 but it seems they are not working. Welcome good suggestion.
  9. Nice topics here. Its looking a good tutorial.
  10. Nice travel template, think I too use that.
  11. Welcome for you success. How you success, describe you story here. Thanks.
  12. If I were you, I would go with the .com. I've heard this from a lot of well respected SEO guys and in my own experience, .nets have been more difficult to get ranked in Google. Sounds like your .net name is the one you prefer, but if the .com has the same keyword in it somewhere, I think that would be better (as far as getting ranked in Google is concerned). Hope this helps.
  13. I do not care to see the keywords tag influence Web search but it would be helpful to Webmaster if you used it in your Custom Search Engine solution and / or site-specific searches. There are still people in the SEO community who wrongly say that none of the major search engines use the keywords meta tag. Both Ask and Yahoo! still seem to look at it, but of course they do not allow it to have significant influence in competitive queries.
  14. You can make it yourself. Simply take a tour here
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