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I am learning responsive design. have finally achieved the results desired with "flex". In testing the page in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera five img links out of six do not load. In Safari they all load. All resources are in the same file so there should be no problem loading.

It has completely flummoxed me.

The "cover.jpg", but none of the "btn_f.tif" or btn_i.tif" do, just in Safari.

index.html btn_i.tif btn_f.tif

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On 11/28/2020 at 7:24 PM, derekweaver said:

Thought that perhaps it was because the tif files had layers, so I flattened them. That still did not help.

You can't use .TIF in web page. Your options are jpg, gif or png. PNG is the most advanced image format / type. 

You have to convert your tif files in an image editor ... you simply cannot just change the file extension. 

Makes sense?

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