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False Errors in PHP


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Good afternoon everyone,

I'm learning how to work with PHP for wordpress and I have noticed some funny/peculiar things. Not sure if its a joke/hack/test/etc (that's later T.B.D), I was working on the custom functions lesson and I noticed that I would get an error to add another parenthesis/curly bracket, but when I try the code still says an error, but in actuality the code runs. Which leads me to believe that whatever the source of this is, it still allocates the code but the code is more than likely printed elsewhere: to emulate a fake error to possibly mislead someone. If it's a joke then it's a joke. However given the circumstances going on the world wide web lately, it's safe to say it is not just a coincidence.  If others have had this issue and know how to properly fix and prevent such things, I'd appreciate some guidance. If it's a case of "don't worry about it", that will not work for me because then I will not be able to deploy any websites/projects (unless that is the goal of this 'joke') until I get this situated.

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I was able to resolve my issue by having made a new working directory, since whatever it was making the errors appear was ousted upon a new instance. So first I removed the old file I was working in, which had this anomaly. Then when working in the new one, the error came back. Thanks to paying attention where Stef explains what the underscore does I was able to realize that whatever was being done was pointing to specific directory/files, depending on if you are working on it or not. So to fix it I re-ininitialized that pointed file so whatever is being done there is stuck there so then I could work without those errors telling me I'm wrong but then the code runs. So I had to fix this because if I deploy a PHP site and that could happen, then I would be very concerned if I were running a business. I was thinking maybe have a method that had a bucket that traps prototype pollution; not to say that all of those are bad, that's how social-media fetches data for ad-campaigns. The concern is the potential for malicious activity to hide in the mix, that could range out to anything. Given the nature of the cyber world, that is a rational concern to have, in my opinion. I do hope this helps anyone encountering the same and/or similar issue! Have a great day everyone!   

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