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Few things wind me up in this life quicker than technology not behaving as expected, just ask the printer, but the worst culprit is passwords!! Last Friday had to be written off because I got so wound up having just changed a password and later trying to log in via another browser...but enough of that and to the point.

What's the professional opinion here on password managers such as lastpass, 1password, dashlane etc? I've always been suspicious of the very idea but if i'm getting involved in the world of web design I can see the password issue becoming as unwieldy as it is at work sometimes. 

So are password managers a good thing, a bad thing, an essential thing in this industry, a necessary evil? And if they are required some recommendations based on personal experience would be appreciated. Thanks. 

Now back to Curtis and the Impressions to keep the sunny Monday chilled vibe going 😎



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Thanks Stef I know what you mean. The piece of paper or maybe dedicated notebook is essential there's so many, and that appeals to my inner Luddite. But the notebook I've got with all the crossing out and scribbling feels more like clutter which I've too much of.

I'm going to take the plunge. Having done some reading around it doesn't seem like there's a great deal between them. They all serve the same basic function and differ only in the trimmings. I'm going to try Lastpass because of the family option. I've a feeling this free trial might be too seductive in the convenience that's offered but I'll report back at the end of it.

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