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Anyone with Fireworks knowledge?


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I can barely use the program, so if you can help I will need explicit instructions please.


What I would like to do is have a blue area that I draw an elliptical shape on, but then delete

the actual elliptical shape to that I just have the outside area left. I would then like to cut that in

half and use the top half as a horizontal menu area, and the bottom half as a footer.??


Can anyone help


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@aussie11 if you have fireworks cs-4 there is a tool called punch paths which would do exactly what you want. The other way you could accomplish this would be to create a document (make sure it is set to transparent.) the width of your page and then add the hight of the header and footer to get your overall height. Use the bitmap rectangle tool and cover your page. Then use the ellipse tool and create your oval in the center of the doc. Choose your fill colors accordingly or if you don't want a color, make your selection and enter delete. Next Make a copy of your shape and put it on separate layers. Use the diagonal selection tool to select your banner, keeping one of the layers invisible, (if your version of fireworks doesn't have this capability then you will have to make two separate files.) For you banner select the area where your footer would be and enter delete. Go to transform and select rotate 180%. Repeat for your footer.


I hope this helps, Bobby.

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