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  1. i do not have any title= in the code section, I have alt= but not title. I am imagining I would not have title= until I actually give the image a title, which, as mentioned is my problem, how to give it one. ps should words in alt tags be seperated by spaces, commas, underscores, or hyphens?
  2. sometimes, the most basic of tasks can just drive a person insane. Long story short, I am reading a few SEO forums that say I should give my images (all of which are links) an alt tag AND a title. The alt tag is simple, but nowhere, not on the net, not in DW help, can I find how to give my images a title. Tried changing things in property inspector, nothing happened. The file name is not the title. In fact, I have obviously given one of my images a title, probably a week ago and now can't remember, because when I preview the page in IE, when the mouse rolls over the image, a few words appear relating to the image. It is not the file name, nor is it the text in the alt tag. I have spent more time wasted on junk like this than i have building the page. Any help much appreciated as I am at the end of my tether. aussie
  3. Hey to all I am building my first attempt in DW 8. I have had it for so long but never really used it. I find that when I select one layer and move it around, other layers have magically selected themselves as well and moved around after I have spent hours with guides and grids to get them pixel perfect. Is there a way to lock the contents of layers to they cannot be accidentally moved please? Also when I go to select a layer that, for example may be toward the left of the page and down low the DW page jumps to a position on the page which is nowhere near where I wanted to be. It is very annoying having to scroll vert and horizontal all of the time trying to find the spot where I left off. Is this some kind of setting I have turn on or off, or just a bug in DW8.? Thanks for your help aussie
  4. Thank you for the enlightenment. Make sense now that I have heard it. Regards aussie
  5. Hey to all Just trying to wrap my head around web development, dreamweaver, fireworks and everything related, including css. Loved the dw tutes by stefan. This is probably a dumb question, but i'm new to all this so bear with me. Many times i see people have built entire web pages in fireworks, but then they slice it up to import to dreamweaver, instead of just exporting it complete. What is the purpose of this? Is it because the file size, and the loss of quality when the image is optimized in fireworks before exporting? I am curious about this, and the answer will probably be apparent as I head down the learning curve, but may be some can just tell me. Thanks aussie
  6. I can barely use the program, so if you can help I will need explicit instructions please. What I would like to do is have a blue area that I draw an elliptical shape on, but then delete the actual elliptical shape to that I just have the outside area left. I would then like to cut that in half and use the top half as a horizontal menu area, and the bottom half as a footer.?? Can anyone help aussie
  7. Thanks for your reply My site is not on the net so I can't send you a link. I have made a practice site in dw so I can play with it more without doing any damage. I was thinking however, that when I made the template which included the nav bar, I made rollover buttons. Then I added pages and applied the template to the newly created page and then linked the nav bar item to that page. But, when I link, the source for the link is the nav button in the up position, so when I preview and click that button it is now in the down position and wouldn't have a link.Does that make sense? I will look to see if I can link the nav bar items twice, once in the up position and once in the down
  8. Hi to all I have used a template that I created in dw to create all of my pages. when previewing in firefox a couple of the buttons don't work, but they work ok in IE7. The problem is with the second nav bar link, as each time I click it the item above and below it become inoperable. If I go down and click the 5th item, I can then go up and use the 1st, 2nd and third link. However, each time I click the second link, it renders link 1 and 3 inoperable again. Any help much appreciated as I would not know where to start troubleshooting. I am not using the template to view in browser, I have re-linked all of the pages twice and three times, but nothing seems to work Thanks aussie PS. sorry if this is posted twice, I thought I hit submit but couldn't find it on the board, so posted again.
  9. Hi to all I was happily sailing along building my site in DW as a html site, then I inadvertently came across a site full of info on xhtml, then other etc. These were all saying that xhtml has replaced html and all sites should be built using xhtml. Then another site contradicts that and says it's fine and you should use html??? What the? Admittedly at this point, even though I know I should, I don't really have any interest in really learning any code etc, although I assume that over time I will just naturally become familiar with some things... and then when I do decide to really learn, it may be a little easier. I just want to to build a dozen or so sites, I bought DW so I didn't have to worry about the code side... but now I don't even know what language to open my first page in. Can someone clue me in please? Thanks aussie
  10. Thank you for very quick response. Ok, I will look into your suggestions and visit the link you gave and thank you for the advice. Regards aussie
  11. Hi to all I came with one question, but having seen the old forum moved I now have a couple more. If they seem naive it's because I am. What circumstances would make someone move a site- such as the old forum to the new one? Can you just direct the search engines to the new one without having to go to the old site? I assume the reason for going to the old site - in this case- is to view old posts? I am new to all of this but was interested in knowing why. My original question: I have been playing around with DW after following Stefan's video tutes, and playing with Fireworks and I have made a few practice sites which have turned out quite ok. A couple of friends show interest in getting their own site on the net and have asked me to make it for them. My question is, if I make sites using dreamweaver and they don't have dreamweaver, or any other html editor,how will they update the site and make periodic changes? I don't mind doing the initial site for them, but do not want to be tied to doing updates etc? If their web hosting had a site builder could they use that?
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