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HI Everyone,

I am comeing into this from the backend! I have been looking to start a new career path after being injured. (no physical labor) I originally started by looking at IT. I even have my A+ cert. I was going to school for Cyber Security and realize that you had to get your cert even if you have a degree. The already have AI software to that can replace a Cybe Analyst. I found Steph when I was taking my Webdev sumer course and was watching YouTube sites. Steph talked about when you should decide on what language to learn. I did not know that he had a whole course untill I went back after my course. I recieved a 103% on my final project. I took Intro to Networking, TCP/IP, Digital Forensics, Intro to Cyber, Intro to C#, and System Admin. The backend will be the easer part for me.  

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