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    Freelancing panic - help on finding work

    It is true that you need to be willing to do some work for free in your area. This is how you build trust that you are not a con man. I have talked to a couple of business that were so aggravated by the cost of the update of their website that they decided they did not need one and just took it down. Their business is doing well with older customers, not younger people. There is a way to find your way in. Prospecting clients is not easy but will pay off after a time.
  2. RichardA

    Theme Generator

    <!-- I have been working on building my first three websites for free. I never realized how difficult it is to give away hard work. I am working on redesigning a Wix template for a non-profit. I find myself becoming frustrated because they will cancel on set times. They do not appear to have time. --frustration--> I have been looking at WordPress and it is a new horse. It looks complicated to me compared to CSS. The new WordPress does not appear to be friendly to coders. Theme prices are really high, not something I am willing to give away for free websites! I found something called Theme Generator. I was wonder if anyone has tried it yet. I thought I would ask first to keep myself from making a mistake. There are YouTube sales videos that go with it. the link is: https://themesgenerator.com/ Thank you.
  3. RichardA

    MAMP and php dtupid question

    Only if I type the address in manually it works. It works is all I care about.
  4. I feel like an idiot. I put the class php files in the C:\MAMP\htdocs. When I show them in crome I see all the code. I do not know what I am doing wrong.
  5. HI Everyone, I am comeing into this from the backend! I have been looking to start a new career path after being injured. (no physical labor) I originally started by looking at IT. I even have my A+ cert. I was going to school for Cyber Security and realize that you had to get your cert even if you have a degree. The already have AI software to that can replace a Cybe Analyst. I found Steph when I was taking my Webdev sumer course and was watching YouTube sites. Steph talked about when you should decide on what language to learn. I did not know that he had a whole course untill I went back after my course. I recieved a 103% on my final project. I took Intro to Networking, TCP/IP, Digital Forensics, Intro to Cyber, Intro to C#, and System Admin. The backend will be the easer part for me.