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Responsive Web Design


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Hmm ... I am not sure what you mean?

You want to point software at a website, and have it create the same, but responsive? If that's what you want, I don't think you can do that without getting into code. 

We just updated the non-responsive StudioWeb layout, to make it responsive, and we had to rebuild from scratch.


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You should first decide on how many layouts you would be needing. Begin by designing a non-responsive layout, fixed at the default size. For example, perceptsystems.com default width is 32px. 

When you’re done with your non-responsive website, the first thing to do is to paste the following lines within the <head> and </head> tags on your html page. This will set the view on all screens at a 1×1 aspect ratio and remove the default functionality from iPhones and other smartphone browsers which render websites at full-view and allow users to zoom into the layout by pinching.

Good luck! :)


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Responsive Web Design is an approach that suggests that the planning & development must meet the user’s experience & the environment is based on the size of the platform screen & management. The practice consists of a mixture of networks & flexible layout, images & the smart use of CSS media queries. When the user moves their laptop Mobile or any equipment, the site should automatically adapt to the resolution, image size & scripting capabilities.

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Responsive Web design is just technology for websites that seamlessly degrade depending on the size of the viewport.  This is done through the use of media queries which is just more fancy terminology for determining the type/size of hardware the visitor is using to view the site. 

Responsive websites look good on a cellphone, a tablet, and a large desktop monitor. Or anything else in between.  There are lots of boilerplate CSS and HTML packages currently available free to give you the basics of responsive design without too much work.

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