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Questions about the Python 3 Course Downloads

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I was cross referencing all the video's I downloaded from all the Zip folders with the Table of Contents of the course listed on the website and noticed titles missing. Video 54 "Why write Object Oriented Python Code?" is missing from the Zip folder, Is that video supposed to be missing? The downloaded Module 3.zip  folder has only  "python career paths - 2.contractor" and "python career paths - 3.build python app", which is the second half of module 2. module 2.zip only came with "python career paths - 0.intro" and "python career paths - 1.employee", Are there videos to "Web app creation", "Ai and ML", "Data sciences" and "Server processing, app scripting" or is it just that PDF ? 

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Don't see a video for:

Chapter 7: Python OOP:

  • Why write Object Oriented Python Code?

Module 3: Python Specializations and Learning Resources

  • Web app creation
  • Ai and ML
  • Data sciences
  • Server processing, app scripting

they were not in any of the downloaded zip folders.

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its all here started learning  all ready told someone i was a programmer  it fits

important tip Scheduling is everything if you schedule your lessons it goes a lot easier and you can start small  30 then 45 then hour

so try that see if it goes better

Rocmen bye   

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Hey guys, so just bought the Python course. I keep having to re-login (and it keeps dropping my number of logins left...) to download the Python course. It only downloads 1 or 2 modules at at a time. I have to reset the page and use CCleaner to get it to download and work again. I have plenty of memory left on my computer. Anyone else having issues on this? If so, did you resolve it? If yes, how?

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