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  1. Hey guys! I'm going through Stefan's Python course (almost done), and there was an error I was facing on the video for creating your own modules (last video of the OOP section in the Python course). I did most of the course using Sublime text and Command Prompt (installed anaconda for this functionality) and it's been working perfectly fine. I used the same code in the video, and the code works in IDLE, why not command prompt? Program Flow: Step 1: Create the modules module_1.py import turtle, tkinter def a_function(): print("A function has been fired!") class Dog(): def bark(self): print("The dog barks!\n") def dog_draw_square(self): t = turtle.Pen() for x in range(1,5): t.forward(50) t.left(90) print("Dog has done its' job drawing.") def dog_spawn_window(self): tk = tkinter.Tk() btn = tkinter.Button(tk, text="click to draw", command=self.dog_draw_square) btn.pack() module_2.py def another_function(): print(">>>>>>> Module 2 funciton") Step 2: Call the modules in a different python program module_runner.py import module_1, module_2, time print("3 modules have been imported.") module_1.a_function() module_2.another_function() my_dog = module_1.Dog() my_dog.bark() my_dog.dog_spawn_window() I've used turtle and tkinter in Command Prompt before and they work on their own and in files exclusive to them. The code doesn't run "my_dog.dog_spawk_window()", it runs "my_dog.bark()" and stops. All of the files are in the same folder. Does anyone have any clue why it might not be working in Command Prompt? Here's a video of what I'm seeing on my side for reference: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/J1oPecqgsDbgbNyawRZa7p?
  2. Hey guys, so just bought the Python course. I keep having to re-login (and it keeps dropping my number of logins left...) to download the Python course. It only downloads 1 or 2 modules at at a time. I have to reset the page and use CCleaner to get it to download and work again. I have plenty of memory left on my computer. Anyone else having issues on this? If so, did you resolve it? If yes, how?
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