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  1. Don't see a video for: Chapter 7: Python OOP: Why write Object Oriented Python Code? Module 3: Python Specializations and Learning Resources Web app creation Ai and ML Data sciences Server processing, app scripting they were not in any of the downloaded zip folders.
  2. I was cross referencing all the video's I downloaded from all the Zip folders with the Table of Contents of the course listed on the website and noticed titles missing. Video 54 "Why write Object Oriented Python Code?" is missing from the Zip folder, Is that video supposed to be missing? The downloaded Module 3.zip folder has only "python career paths - 2.contractor" and "python career paths - 3.build python app", which is the second half of module 2. module 2.zip only came with "python career paths - 0.intro" and "python career paths - 1.employee", Are there videos to "Web app creation", "Ai and ML", "Data sciences" and "Server processing, app scripting" or is it just that PDF ?
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