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Upcoming changes to MS Office, 365 and 2016


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Microsoft seems to have learned it's lesson after the slap in the face changes they hit us with a few years back with the new ribbon and all. This time rather than all changes being thrown into one surprise box new office tool, they will be phasing them in through Office 3016 and Office 365. I do not see anything to complain about right off this time, and part of the change will be an "Upcoming Changes Button" so you can see what to expect next. They are doing it much smarter and the changes for the most part seem to have mostly reason and not just change for change's sake.

The article discusses the changes, but the video shows them. I am including the YouTube link from the article so you can go straight to it.

YouTubeUpdates to the Microsoft Office user experience

BusinessInsider.comMicrosoft Office is getting a redesign — check out the biggest changes in the apps

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so I have been using the office2016 for a year now and I try to update my office 12016 to office365 but it never happened.  recently shaw the new office365 feature which is great. So I go to the setting and try to update my 2016 but it did not work. So I go to the Microsoft office home download office 365 free and installed it. After login to the admin portal I now happily us ethe office 365 all feature.

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