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Using Git with MAMP, XAMPP etc.

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I'm new to PHPland, but not to Git. I use version control all the time with my NodeJS/React apps, but I'm thrown off a bit with having to use a dedicated folder inside MAMP to run my PHP site during the CRUD Basics with MySQLi & PHP course. The way I'm used to doing things is I have a large GitHub folder with all my projects inside of it, and I would just `cd` into the project folder with my terminal and run a localhost server with a script.

Is MAMP just a GUI tool for noobs who avoid the terminal? What are the best practices here? Do I `git init` inside the MAMP/htdocs directory or better yet, inside MAMP/htdocs/projectFolder ? Or do I change MAMP's default location for htdocs with each new project?





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12 hours ago, AlexanderApostolov said:

Is MAMP just a GUI tool for noobs who avoid the terminal?


Use whatever you are most comfortable with. You don't have to use MAMP, we just demod with it, to keep it simple. One thing at a time. But if you know Git .. use it. 

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