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  1. Stefan, do you have a video for setting up the computer for professional jobs later on, or one that you can recommend?
  2. Thanks Chuck. After reading this I tried the site in a different browser and it works. I guess I hibernated my desktop too many times in the last days.
  3. I'm new to PHPland, but not to Git. I use version control all the time with my NodeJS/React apps, but I'm thrown off a bit with having to use a dedicated folder inside MAMP to run my PHP site during the CRUD Basics with MySQLi & PHP course. The way I'm used to doing things is I have a large GitHub folder with all my projects inside of it, and I would just `cd` into the project folder with my terminal and run a localhost server with a script. Is MAMP just a GUI tool for noobs who avoid the terminal? What are the best practices here? Do I `git init` inside the MAMP/htdocs directory or better yet, inside MAMP/htdocs/projectFolder ? Or do I change MAMP's default location for htdocs with each new project? Thanks, Alex
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