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flunked my first technical interview

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           i had a interview online today for an entry level front end developer position, and i did well on the multiple choice questions online. They consisted of basic to intermediate questions on html/css and some general programming questions that werent too mind bending. 

After i had passed their questionnare i was given coding questions that had to be figured out.

I couldnt even make it out of the first question which asked me how to reverse a “binary tree” through javascript code. Needless to say, i felt frustrated because all the tutorials on coding never prepared me for a question like that. Supposedly that was one of the easiest coding questions they gave me.

Anyways, i ended up flunking their test. 

it also made me wonder if im pursuing the right career choice if i cant pass the easiest coding question they had? Do i enjoy coding? Absolutely! but maybe it should be a hobby now instead of a career change. I was definitely humbled by this experience and wondered what i could of done to be better prepared?

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No worries. The best of the best fail the first time ... all the time. It's almost cliche.

Just start working on the questions that you can expect, start with binary tree. If you know your JS basics, you can simply look that up and learn it. 

Also, you might try googling, 'common web stack testing questions' ... then research and answer them. 

Don't worry, you can get up to speed very quickly and go for the next interview. Who cares if it take 5 before you get a job. 

Whatever you do, don't give up!!!

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