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    flunked my first technical interview

    Well you're ahead of me, I don't even know what a 'binary tree' is?
  2. Howdy. In a recent video of Stefan's, he mentioned that there would be a new studio web coming out! Any ideas what topics will be covered? Is this going to be a new course, or a replacement for the current course?
  3. HOwdy. It is 15 Feb 2018, time is 10:17 EST/NY time. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue also?
  4. Hello... Would it be possible to change my email address on file. The email being used is the one I have my paypal account with to purchase the course, however my email address that a regularly check is the one I'd like to use. I can't seem to do it myself in the dashboard.
  5. Judging by a few comments in this channel, it appears the course delivery isn't automatic after payment and has to be processed by someone. Just posting this as I am eager to get started with the course and looking forward to details to login and begin viewing the materials. Thanks, Pelt