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Print option in articles


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In many websites, if you brow a topic or article, you will see three options, Print ? PDF ?Email.

Print will print the article, PDF will save it in PDF format and Email will send it to your friend. See example

Can anyone tell me how I can add this effect to my website?

I have designed my website manually (I mean I have not used Joomla or other CMS software)

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Print is done using a javascript based window.print() command. For example: http://www.tizag.com/javascriptT/javascriptprint.php




so I have to put this script on each article.

Will anyone tell me to do some setting on my web once, and this print option appears on each article.

I mean I should not go to each article and include this print option there.

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Assuming you have designed your site manually, like you stated in your original post, no, there won't be a way to change one setting and have this appear on each article. If your site is created manually, you'll need to add the code manually.


You could use something like a PHP include -- that way in the future you could edit one file and have the changes applied to all the files. Even if you did that though, you'd need to edit each file to add the include.

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