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Hi everyone, I am looking to increase my knowledge and understanding about computers, how do they work stuff like that.

Got any books or clips or whatever to recommend? 

I think I need to know that because I work with computer and I think it can help for programming.


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Knowing how a computer works and programming don't really have much in common - same as being a good driver does not depend on mechanical skills, but it's always good to have a basic understanding of whatever matter one's interested in. 

What exactly so are you looking for? Computer components, functionality of individual components? What? [And no, I would not be able to recommend anything, but maybe these details will help somebody else give applicable recommendations.]


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Sorry for responding late.

Well depends, since I live in Serbia, good drivers do know about mechanics of their cars. For instance, every slight changes on their cars they do feel it and know what is wrong. Of course many of them just know the basic stuff.

Thats what I want, to know the basis of computers and something that a programmer needs to know about them



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