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Help: Rating System Intergrate In Website

Guest eshkullaku

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Guest eshkullaku

Hey everyone.

I was wondering how I could put a rating system into a website.

For instance,

People make thier own profile like, facebook, and myspace, a social profile.

They put their info, photos of them, comment other peoples photos, and what not.


I was wondering is it possible to put a rating system under the people profile pictures, and their profile.

So other people would rate them.

Like so:

Looks, and Personality: 5 stars

Smart?: 2 Stars

This would be on thier profile.

On their photos it would just be a simple rating.



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All that you describe can be found for free or for a small fee. There are social networking systems out there that provide that functionality out of the box, and there are plug-ins for Wordpress and (I think) Drupal that can do that too.


I don't have names for you, but you should be able to find what you want with a few searchs on the almighty Google.



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