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Are there any C, C++ developers?


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I wanted to know does anyone have experience using the core lower level languages like c, c++?

I have learn to make simple programs run from a beginners standpoint with these languages, but to learn in depth gets hard when I come across topics that deal with pointers, templates,  polymorphism, and memory allocation.

I've done some research that says Python is the best language to learn first, but I always feel that learning the C/C++ languages I'd learn more of what's happening at the core of any program created. 

Any suggestions?

I'd like to know.

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Hi Michael,

If you goal is just to learn programming (no career goals yet,) then I would go Python for sure. Why:

  1. It's MUCH easier to learn than C
  2. Python has many commercial applications = jobs
  3. Python represents the future of programming, with the other high level languages like JavaScript, Swift, PHP etc. C is old school and though I don't see it going away anytime soon, I am sure over time Python-like languages will dominate. Well if you take it collectively, they already do easily. 

There are lots of Python resources out there, but my very biased opinion is that my Python course is the best by far - if you like learning deep concepts quickly and easily:


Hope that helps,


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I leanred C/C++ back in '02 in Germany... I have never had a reason to use it in all the years since.

I learned Python back in 2000 in Germany as well, they said it was the future. It took over a decade but sure enough I do see alot of job postings and references to Python applications now. I found it easy to learn and remember. I would write Python in my head trying to talk my kid top sleep... "Bracket open, bla bla bla, bracket closed", I actually fell asleep first and she wants nothuing to do with programming now that she is in college!

I might also add that more and more cyber security software I see is Python based. Java has so many vulnerabilities it is scary. So yea, C/C++ knowlege has helped me learn other languages because I already understood much of the theory and structure, but in fact I would say as a career, Python is a better choice. I am trying toi get our new boss in my office to switch us to Python as a security issue.

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