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Kids want to be Entrepreneurs!


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I was just reading an article in the Mirror, where a recent a study unearthed that kids would rather be an entrepreneur, more than any other career!

... This to me is a great thing.

Entrepreneurship has replaced foolhardy careers such as:

  • Actor
  • Singer
  • Pro athlete

Anyone knows, that the chances of success in the above three long-shot careers is ....well, a long-shot! 

It seems the youngins are better informed these days! :D


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I had trouble with The Mirror's site, so I'm going to risk replying without reading.

I think that's an encouraging trend.

The bad news is that people need good ideas (among other things) in order to be successful entrepreneurs.

The good news is that by just having that "entrepreneur" mindset will make it more likely that people WILL come up with good ideas.

I've been binge-watching the heck out of "Shark Tank" on Netflix - three season - about 75 shows! Lately, I've noticed that I've been more attuned to the "pain points" of myself and those around me. I've found myself looking for solutions. Sometimes, there's already a viable solution, other times not. I haven't found my billion dollar idea, yet... but just by having more of an entrepreneur mindset increases the chances of me eventually finding one.

I have two infant boys. I want them to be entrepreneurs.

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