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Old School Css Vs Modern Frameworks


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I would like your nerd opinions on something. I've been looking over modern client side web development practices and I am considering taking a position to use bootstrap for every project and to forego manual (if you will) CSS for page layout etc. 
Basically, if Bootstrap does it so easily, why bother screwing around with raw low level CSS?

And this is a question from the OLDEST old-school CSS dudes that still walks this earth!!  ;)

Just is case you don't know, Bootstrap can:
  • create responsive grid layouts
  • style tables and forms
  • create responsive menus and dropdowns ...
Basically when you use Bootstrap, you don't have to worry about handling multiple devices or browsers. It takes care of all the small issues. 
Your thoughts?
I've always been a big advocate of taking advantage of frameworks like this ... but there is always a class of developers who hate leaving the lower-level tools behind. For instance, when page based server side technology came out in the 1990's, the old Perl CGI guys hated to leave the nitty gritty details of HTTP parsing behind. Same thing with Java, the C guys were crapping all over it because it was too high level for their taste.
Apple made a similar move with the iPhone, where they said no more hard keyboard. Or with the Macbook Air where they said, no more optical drives.

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Yes. This is what I have concluded:

  1. Learn you HTML5 and CSS3 basics
  2. Learn CSS3 layouts without a framework - it really isn't hard these days.
  3. Learn Bootstrap
  4. Use Bootstrap in production most of the time.

... Why learn CSS3 layouts if you will use Bootstrap?

Because BS might show it's limits, and you need to get in the code and tweak.


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