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HI, I have downloaded Colorbox to use on my website, previously had used Lightbox but this doesn't work for iframes.

The page I want to use it on is this http://www.mad-weather.com/webcam.php so that when you click on the webcam image it opens in Colorbox and doesn't take you to the webcam page. The images are displayed using an iframe which is how you are allowed to use them.

An example of this working is http://madeira-seekers.com/madeira-webcams/ this is using Wordpress so maybe that is how they got it to work.

I have it partially working on http://www.mad-weather.com/webcam10.php the link from the image doesn't work, but the text images do so I am half way there.

Help on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks Rosalind

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I haven't used Colorbox in a few years but you might check out Highslide. I found I can use ajax and iframe method. 


If you want to use Cololbox then check out the site's documentation and support forum.

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