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Navigation Changes On Posts In Wordpress

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Hi there,


After having completed the "Build a Wordpress Theme from Scratch" tutorial I'm now trying to build my own WordPress theme.

However after completing the instructions from video 39 (Featured Images) the appearance of the navigation menu changes when viewing single posts.

One way or another it changes back to the menu I had in the original index.html rather than showing the wordpress navigation.


You can see this on silver.schenkz.nl

On the other hand I did the same thing on www.schenkz.nl/hallo-wereld and the navigation seems to stay just fine there.

I've been looking over and over, but can't find the difference between the two single.php files (or content.php/functions.php).

So I'm kind of stuck now.


I hope anyone out there can help me with some suggestions on how to solve this.

Thanx in advance!


Also the featured image isn't showing in single post view...



Greetz, Edwin

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I don't have much time but I think the first problem you are having is that when you click Home that it goes back to your original static home page. You have a index.html and it will read it first before the index.php. You can simply just rename your old index.html.  I assume this is your issue.

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Eddie, read the first sentence in the OP's post.

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