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  1. FORGET IT, PROBLEM SOLVED AFTER REFRESHING THE PAGES PROPERLY; I'M SORRY Hi there, After having completed the "Build a Wordpress Theme from Scratch" tutorial I'm now trying to build my own WordPress theme. However after completing the instructions from video 39 (Featured Images) the appearance of the navigation menu changes when viewing single posts. One way or another it changes back to the menu I had in the original index.html rather than showing the wordpress navigation. You can see this on silver.schenkz.nl On the other hand I did the same thing on www.schenkz.nl/hallo-wereld and the navigation seems to stay just fine there. I've been looking over and over, but can't find the difference between the two single.php files (or content.php/functions.php). So I'm kind of stuck now. I hope anyone out there can help me with some suggestions on how to solve this. Thanx in advance! Also the featured image isn't showing in single post view... Greetz, Edwin
  2. Problem solved! Turned out I had to make some adjustments in the CSS. Thanx everyone!
  3. That did the trick, thank you Eddie! And sorry for my late reaction, I've been out of town for a couple of days However, now there's another 'problem' (I'm feeling like a complete dummie here): I'm trying to use a submenu (on the second menu item in this case). The submenu items get displayed next to each other (inline?) instead of underneath each other (block?) as intended. The CSS for the submenu is /* SUB MENU ------------------------------------------------ */ /* give the submenu a small margin on the left */ #header .navigation li ul { margin: 0px; padding:0px; display:none; position:relative; left:5px; top: 0px; } #header .navigation li:hover ul { display:block; } /* give the submenu a background with a light gradient */ #header .navigation li li { list-style:none; display:list-item; height: 40px; min-width: 160px; border: thin solid #bfbcec; } #header .navigation li li a { display: block; } And I'm also using the jQuery Superfish plugin. The result with or without that plugin stays the same... Any suggestions on how to solve this? Thanx in advance! Edwin
  4. Thanx Eddie, I gave it a try. Even though I managed to delete the bold fontweight on the hover effect, there's still the hover effect which makes the current menu item lift 2px. Adding a bottom-margin of -2px doesn't solve that either. Any other suggestions? Grtz., Edwin
  5. Thanx again Andrea, but I'm not sure what you mean; If I remove those css styles I lose the hover effect on the other menu items as well, and that's not what I want. I only want to remove the hover effect on the current-menu-item...
  6. Now there's another small issue (I feel like a complete idiot): The current-menu-item gets a hover effect, while I just want it to stay the same. Am I overlooking something else this time? I'm also not sure what kind of validator plugin to use. I hope you can help me out one more time. Grtz., Edwin
  7. Wow, how could I have missed that? I must have been looking over this at least a dozen times! Thank you so much Andrea! Enjoy your weekend, Edwin
  8. I recently bought the video tutorial "Build a WordPress Theme from Scratch", and enjoyed it very much. However I do have a problem with a website I built using this tutorial. The first menu item seems to contain 2 links (one blank), resulting in showing the actual menu item text underneath the button! I checked everything but just can’t figure out how to solve this. I hope someone can be of some assistance. You can find the website at www.befreebehappy.nl Username: BeFree Password: BeHappy I’d appreciate your help very much. Thanx in advance! Edwin
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