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Telephone Link Does Not Work For Iphone


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Can someone test this using IPHONE to see why it only works for android but not for iphone?




The code I used is below:


Note: I added a image link here for  just this post so you can see the code otherwise this forum strips them out:




I have also tried the following:




All are links using the anchor tag.  PLEASE note that this is occurring using Safari browser. I have no way to test for other browsers on Iphone.

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Thank Ben but it did not solve my issue.


The first number with area code 714 is using tel: with the country code.  The 800 number is using the wtai: and again with the country code. I did this so you can see both options. Neither worked for iphone using safari. I am using browserstack to test this but I am baffled as to why it's not working.

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Sorry about that - I just now went to the site directly and tried the phone number that are in the header. The 714 number worked, but for the 800 number I got a "Cannot Open Page - address invalid" message.


I am on an iPhone 5 and Safari.

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Thanks Andrea. I have been tinkering with it all day and so I am uncertain the one that worked for you is what I have up there now. Can you please check both numbers again to see if it work?  I am using tel:1-714 etc. etc. and tel:1-800 etc. etc.   I promise not to touch the code until Monday.


Thank you.

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