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Facebook Organic Reach - Dropping Like A Stone!

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So Zuckerberg figured out the social media traffic (Facebook is really just a giant forum) is really, really hard to monetize. I know, I've been running forums since 2003 and I don't make a dime on it ... believe me, I've tried advertising and direct sales! Nope, the forum is a way to keep in touch with the KillerSites community. 


Why is it hard to make money with social networks? People come to sites like Facebook to do anything but buy products. It's a psychological thing.  So in response to that, Facebook has decided to charge people for access their own audience!


... Yep, if you spend time and money nurturing your Facebook presence, you now have to pay extra to reach them!


Organic Reach - what is that? 


In a nutshell: you post an update on Facebook and now you are lucky if 16% will see the message. If you want the rest of your 'friends' to see what you post, you have to pay Facebook! If you think that's bad enough, the rumours are your organic reach (who your message gets to without paying ...) will soon drop towards 1%!


From Time Magazine:




Over the past several months, Facebook has been reducing the organic reach of Pages. Even if a person Likes a company or organization on the social network, they’re unlikely to naturally see that Page’s content in their News Feed. In a recent study of more than 100 brand Pages, Ogilvy & Mather found that companies’ posts dropped from reaching 12% of their followers in October to just 6% by February. The tech blog Valleywag reports that Facebook is planning to dial reach down to 1% to 2% of followers eventually. 




Read the article


Is Facebook advertising worth it?





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On 10/9/2019 at 9:11 AM, alexlaxton said:

Organic reach is the number of people who see your content without paid distribution. It includes people who are shown your posts as well as your Facebook page. On the other hand, paid reach includes the people who see your content as a result of paid promotions.

Thank you very much for the information)

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In Organic reach, you don't have to target audience, age group & demographic location. On the other hand, in the paid promotion you can choose how much price you want to spend on advertisement and for how many days you want to show your advertisement. In the paid advertisement, you can choose your targeting audience, country and age group.

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