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Facebook Advertising ... Is It Worth The Money?

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So, is Facebook advertising worth the money? More and more evidence is saying nope!




If you are thinking of advertising on Facebook, you may want to check out this amazing video:




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I would like to explain an easy way As a social media marketer and having worked on every possible social media platform, I would say, if you are ONLY relying on advertising on Facebook, it's not the right way to go. And I maintain this for any social media platform.

When it comes to social media, you need to support your ad initiatives with interesting content. Just imagine the amount of pages that users on Facebook like on a daily basis. For your page content to stand out, you need to take into account the time at which you post and then look at how interesting your content is for your target set.

The new Facebook Insights rolled out last week should help you answer the above questions.

As far as getting likes from age groups you are not targeting is concerned, make sure that if you are running sponsored stories, you have your targeting criterion well in place. Make sure you do age wise targeting there as well otherwise you will end up showing ads to all people who are friends of people who like your page. This may be one of the reasons why you are seeing likes from a different age set.

Hope this will helps to you!


Techtiq Solutions,


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Facebook Ads are going to drive more lead fir your business than any other paid channel. You will need to have right strategy and execute with precision but right now there is massive facebook opportunity for inbound marketer. 

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