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DW local root folder issues

Sea Dragon

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When I create a new site in DW and choose the local root folder and say OK a message comes up that says The root folder you have chosen contains the folder for site 'client name' (it has named a few different client sites) Synchronization may wotk incorrectly. Proceed anyway? If I don't proceed anyway, I get no new site. When I do proceed, dw PROCEEDS to load every client site in DW into this new one. That is many. I can't have this happening but don't know what to do.

I only found out after a 27 minute wait on hold that Adobe wants to charge me $39 to get the answer! When I said no I don't want to pay that, I was told to get it for free on the website. I go to the site, search, 'chat' with tech support who tells me they don't know enough, to call with the case number (and pay). Well, I took the d*!m case number just in case no one here has any idea what is up. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. *fingers crossed*

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Sounds like you are just choosing the incorrect folder when you are setting up the site initially. You can't use your local root folder (containing all your other sites) as a root for a project, unless you intend that new site to have access to all of those projects. You'll need to make a new folder within that root folder specifically for your project, most likely outside of Dreamweaver, and then select that new folder when making a new site in DW.

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That is what I am doing Eric. All of my clients are kept in a folder called my SWA. I created a new folder in there called Dry Fast carpet. Then opened DW, created anew site named it Dry Fast, browsed to that folder and said OK. Then the above happened.

Ben, I don't want to create a site with all of those folders in it, only the new one I just created.

I have been doing it this way for three years now and just this week it has started giving me that message and loading all the folders in the new one. Hence my confusion....

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Guest lazyrapper

This reply may be a little too late but maybe it will help.


I also have this problem using DW with Vista. Open the site definition box for the site and check the "Local root folder" dialougue box to see what DW has set as your root folder. You will probably find that although you selected the "Dry Fast carpet" folder when you defined the site, DW set the previous folder as the root folder (in your case the "SWA" folder).


The easiest workaround is to manually add "Dry Fast carpet" to the end of the URL in the Local root folder dialogue box. (obviously making sure you type it exactly as the folder is named).


You will probably need to do this for the default image folder as well.


Hope this helps.

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