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  1. I was having this same problem. Check your dreamweaver manage sites and see if you have previously set up a site with the same name as your trying to use. I had another site definition set as the same name - deleted it and bingo no error message
  2. There is a great css blueprint that I have used to create columns, in fact it works with helping with your print pages and html pages. It's like an all sing and dancing css style-sheet you can use to plug into your website before starting. It resets all the major browsers differences and makes your pages look the same in all browsers. It is called blueprint.css (have a look and if you need any help setting up then give me a shout as i'm quite good with the working now.
  3. Hi, I'll also do this for you... I am taking time off for advanced training with Joomla websites, so i have some free time and can help..? Al
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