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Help Needed To Create An Interactive Map


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hey guys,


im thinking of creating a website with a map of germany where people can enter posts or content and they will also be required to enter a city in germany. with each post and city entered, the map will display the amount of people who selected that city just like it is shown in the attachment.


for example, if there are 5 people who selected bayern, the number 5 will be displayed next to the region of bayern on the map.


does anybody have an idea how can i do this or where should i search to find a step by step guide to create something similar?


keep in mind that i have zero web design experience.



post-129555-083604700 1390858959_thumb.jpg

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I've never done anything like that before, but it'll definitely require a database and PHP or something similar - in addition to html and css required to build the site itself. There may be something out there like Wordpress and it's plugins that might do something like that, but I have never researched this kind of thing.

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Andrea is correct, it will require programming for sure ... but not just database programming - you will to use a little DOM scripting (JavaScript) to dynamically overlay our map of Germany.


... Although it could all be done potentially with PHP, I would have to think about this one a little.


Anyway, you still have to learn HTML, CSS, PHP and database. Might be better to hire someone or see if there is something out there that you can use. Although I imagine that would be hard because you are doing seemed specialized to me.



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