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Loooooong Resolution


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If folk like us had the power to 'remove the internet explorer' - I can guarantee you, it'd have been long gone.


I have no idea what you mean by 'removing it back' but even if you get rid of it on your system, you cannot influence with which browser other people might open your page.


Do you maybe have a link or SOMETHING to show us to get an actual idea of your problem? Right now, basically all you've said is "Mechanic, when I take a right turn, my car acts funny. Can you tell me what the problem is?"

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I haven't touched this is a few years but you will have to look at your configuration file(s) to find all the instances of Firefox and replace them with IE. I just don't recall which file it is at the moment but I am sure that if you post your question on the WAMP forum that you will get an answer within a day or two.


Now if you are referring to the layout of WAMP's initial landing page that list all your web projects, then you can edit the index.php file in the www folder.

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As I was working in internet explorer for a year,
and WAMP was using Firefox for default.
Now I upgraded the current version to 8 from the yahoo downloads.
After 2 days I copied the address form the dress bar in Firefox and paste it in internet explorer 8
And I saw the problem
As I have not checked this site in the old version of IE,
therefor I am not sure when the problem appeared.
By removing, I mean, to uninstall the IE 8 and work back on the previous IE




I do not have other visions on my PC



My I post my code here?

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If you want to remove IE8 (assuming that is possible for your machine) follow these instructions: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/957700


Realistically though, I really don't see the need. If you have IE8, you'll be able to see what your sites look like both in IE8, and in IE7 via the compatibility mode.


If you want us to look at the site in other versions of IE for you, you'll need to post a link to the site. Posting the code itself won't help that much, since we then would have to set everything up ourselves (save html/css files, etc... And we'd be missing all of the images, which could be important).

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I have checked my site on some other browsers:


Firefox: DO NOT SHOW a long scrollbar at bottom

Google Chrome: SHOW a long scrollbar at bottom

Opera: SHOW a long scrollbar at bottom

Netscape: DO NOT SHOW a long scrollbar at bottom

Apple Safari: SHOW a long scrollbar at bottom


It means that I have problem in my coding

Will anyone tell me why this happened?

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you can set up a test directory somewhere on your own server online and upload the whole thing: in any case before going live you will need to test the website at some space online first. To stay "undecover", place your test page with dummy header. Then give us a link.

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