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hello all,

i help a friend with his web site and he would like to have people submit there e-mail address before being allowed access to the rest of the site. i think it's his idea of collecting e-mail addresses for a contact database. i'm not too sure about the idea but could this be done?


thank you as always


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Can it be done? Yes, using a bit of PHP to collect and store the info in a database, or to email that address to an admin user. You might want to have some sort of system that doesn't force repeat visitors to enter their email multiple times -- maybe by setting a cookie or similar?


Realistically though... I would suggest your friend reconsiders. I would bet that this plan will cause a huge drop in his traffic, and few people will be willing to provide their contact info (or he will end up with a list of fake addresses). If he wants o do this, he'd better have something on his site worth it. At least for me, if I found a site like that, I'd highly likely not enter my email and avoid the site in the future.

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