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Flate Design Is New Trend Of Web Design


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The design/aesthetics of web design are constantly shifting.


So yes, these days flat design, big fonts and lots of white space are in. But this will change over time as the general mood changes and the technology advances. That is to say, that technological limitations impact the look of web pages is a big way. If you go back to the 1990's when there was no highspeed Internet, page sizes had to be less than 100k and the video cards people had, limited page sizes to 640x480 pixels - not much to work with!




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Flat Design is in right now primarily because of Apple and how it looks on mobile devices. Also Windows 8 uses Flat Design (which confuses many people who primarily use their desktop).


If your ecommerce site is mobile a flat design may be right for you; if not there is no particular reason to use it (unless you just like the look).

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I am actually thinking of redoing (well not thinking will redo it at some point) but pondering using the same thing.


A mentor of mine (who set up pitchspring for people to pitch new businesses and connect them with possible investors), used a similar thing in that you have say 3 things you do when going to that site. You're either a entrepreneur, an investor or (I actually can't remember the other) and it's just those options, taking you to a consultation contact page to book a call back with the investors if you're the earlier person/user.


Quite cool stuff if you ask me personally (think he referred to it as a cause for action or something like that).

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