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Oop For Beginners


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Hello sir,


i encounter an error in code of oop php for beginners


( ! ) Notice: Use of undefined constant name - assumed 'name' in C:\wamp\www\clss\class_lib.php on line 32




protected function set_name($new_name)



if (name != "Jimmy Two Guns ") ---> line 32



$this->name = strtoupper($new_name);





I am new to oop so i really do not know what to with this error... i have codes from your tutorial web site ^_^


Thank you!

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Getting a few weird errors when following this tutorial.

Code seems to be working as it should be but im still getting these warnings.




Site Code:






don't seem to know the problem here either,

the code seems identical to the tutorial apart from the string output.

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