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Html 5


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I have used <br> without problems.


<br> is the correct way for HTML 4 and 5.


XHTML requires <br/> (the space is for older browsers, but I don't know what the exact definition of 'older' is)


HTML 5 does not need the closing tags that XHTML requires, however, using them will not give you any validation errors.

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I think you might be confused about that. Can you point to the spot in the article where it says it has been depreciated?


Maybe this part - it does read like that to me, too: Restrictions on content models

For historical reasons, certain elements have extra restrictions beyond even the restrictions given by their content model.


A table element must not contain tr elements, even though these elements are technically allowed inside table elements according to the content models described in this specification. (If a tr element is put inside a table in the markup, it will in fact imply a tbody start tag before it.)





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