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What format or language do I use for DW site?


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Hi to all

I was happily sailing along building my site in DW as a html site, then I inadvertently came across a site

full of info on xhtml, then other etc. These were all saying that xhtml has replaced html and all sites should

be built using xhtml. Then another site contradicts that and says it's fine and you should use html???


What the?


Admittedly at this point, even though I know I should, I don't really have any interest in really learning

any code etc, although I assume that over time I will just naturally become familiar with some things...

and then when I do decide to really learn, it may be a little easier.


I just want to to build a dozen or so sites, I bought DW so I didn't have to worry about the code side...

but now I don't even know what language to open my first page in.

Can someone clue me in please?




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