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Dw changes file creator


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Does anyone know of a way to stop Dw from changing my BBEdit files into its own little Dw buddies?


Sometimes, I likes to dabble in flash, php, and Dw from time-to-time. I was looking at some php files from a lesson that I was following some time ago, and I now notice that they have had their normal BBEdit file type and creator 'livery' re-skinned. Little barstewards!


I'm not particularly interested in creating anything in Dw, but I would like to explore it more without having all my other files change into another file type. :rolleyes:

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Thanks there virtual. :)


I have something called 'Super Get Info', where I'm able to change files back, or into, different type and creators, but I'd really like Dw to stop randomly (in some cases) doing this.


I like to heavily litter any follow-along lessons with notes, even if they're within the actual working files. My php files were on a different account, so how Dw was able to change them, I don't know?

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Thanks Stefan. I did have a look at those prefs a while back, and just to make sure, I've also had another look. I've also done a bit of Dw googling and missing Dw CS3 page turning, but there doesn't appear to anything immediately obvious that will stop Dw from doing this.


In the 'File Types / Editors' preferences, I have 'Enable BBEdit integration' ticked. Could this be causing something?


Maybe this re-creating into Dw file types happens when I have both Dw and BBEdit open at the same time, as I sometimes have, or maybe something has gone pear-shaped with my apple Mac? :lol:

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