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Stopping in to say hi and I miss ya!


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So again I got silent... It has been a whirlwind of things on the road to recovery and I let my forum posting slide (though I should probably say I do stop in to check if there are spam posts anyone has missed).


I am sure some of the newer members will have no clue as to who I am/was but doing a post in open forum for those who do know me is something I have been looking forward to so here goes:



The good news... I am 5 months into treatment for Lyme. The great news... In the last 2 months I have been on IV antibiotics (as mine was in my central nervous system/brain) and I have had some amazing things happen. The headache I had since 2001 - gone! The ringing in my ears since 1995 - gone! The reading glasses that went to all the time glasses - gone! My cognitive function is up about 35% overall which for me is still a hard push - it takes me a few days to wrap my head around a new program still instead of the couple hours - but I can follow threads, and conversations again 6 out of 7 days.


I'm not going to say I am not still someone benefiting from accessible sites, or needing it as I am still in treatment and there may be some lasting damage but I can say I am very lucky so far.


Anyway this is just a quick post to send out love, and great thoughts to all and remind you that DEET is important when outdoors! ;):P



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That is great news!! I'm happy to hear it!


With fast improvements like that, you'll should be up in action in no time. I once had a chronic illness, and it took a full 9 months before I felt the positive effects of treatment. These many years later, I'm in tiptop shape ... compared to what I used to be!




Just keep doing what you are doing, eat well and try to relax and things should continue to turn around.


Best wishes and we hope to see you back again regularly.



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Hi Wickham... I only shared some of it. It is a nasty thing that no one can avoid... I am truly sorry it made anyone feel miserable though.



Hey Stefan! From what I have been told I likely still have a fairly long journey ahead of me but the improvements are amazing so far. It is people like you who've kicked an illnesses but that make me face this with a smile and determination in my eyes. It helps tremendously.



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