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Website builders as an aid in site design

Guest Arnie

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Guest Arnie

I can see that this site promotes learning html in order to build a site.


Can't the process sometimes be sped up with a WYSIWYG editor?


For example, there are editors available for free like:


Evrsoft First Page






Are these helpful software for building web pages?

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I think WYSIWYG editor makes one lazy. Last time I tried one was Front Page, it added a bunch of stuff to the source that drove me nuts. That was my first attempt at playing with HTML.


I don't believe WYSIWYG editor teaches a person HTML, what they do teach you is how to use THE Editor.


I started out with Notepad, then once i started learning PHP I went with Crimson Editor, Now I use UltraEdit32 Editor.


My First Page was

1. the Famous HELLO WORLD

2. Then a Small Form Page

3. Then my Resume in pure HTML using a Table

4. Then an Simple Online Contact Form that sent out an Email. This was my First PHP

5. Then a Login Page, This thought me session management.

6. My Resume Tableless. playing with CSS

... and from there I just kept adding stuff I learn


Turns out I actually Enjoy all this Web Stuff as a hobby:D

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If you go to school for construction, do they hand you a Nail gun and say "Have at it?"


You have to learn the concepts, you have to know the difference between Divs and spans... etc.


So Yes, anywhere you go, any good training will expect you to learn these things and you do that by hand coding.


When you understand what is going on you can go to an editor and they do speed things up like a nail gun...


Many WYSIWYG editors write really poor code... if you do not understand the basics you will not see the problem or be able to fix it.


The real issue is once you learn the code... you understand just how poorly a machine makes a web site and you then choose to hand code. It is faster for me to write optimized logical code by hand then to go back in and clean up WYSIWYG mistakes and illogical names and attributes. But if you can tweak the out put they can be used to help speed things up... but few here would trust them in design view, just code view.

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