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Flying butterflies?


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I have a client who wants me to add flying butterflies to her website. I know - yikes. Does anyone have an idea of a good script to use? I am only capable of implementing javascript ones instead of a flash solution.


I found this but I really don't like it.

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Guest Cashster09

How bout use that script, but just different pics of butterflies...I

n paint shop pro they have really good ones in their picture tubes

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Susie, may be it will worth to try to find some Flash template with good butterflies. You can then embed this Flash with transparent background to be on the top of any image.

Not seeing anything as good as Flash in JS or .gif when i was into butterflies myself.

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I agree, lm. I'm not seeing anything good in JS of .gif. I want to learn more about your suggestion of embedding some flash with a transparent bg....


I found a few options here: http://flashden.net/searches?term=flying+butterflies&type=files


I would have NO idea on how to implement them, though. Are you available for some work, lm? :D

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Once you find a good butterfly, you can embed it with transparent background.

As you always do: put Flash inside some div and with CSS add a background to this div: image or color.


I still have an old template hanging:




If you scroll on a left bar is the flower with the butterfly.


As for links blocking - I suppose you can always use z-index to move divs up and down layering them in needed order.

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I'm curious, too.


For this particular project, I only need the butterflies in the header area which is above all the links.


Well that explains it then :) Basically the flash won't be overlaying any functionality elements on the webpage.


I misunderstood because once we had to make snowflakes fall down the page on one of our client's websites, during Christmas time. I thought your client wanted something similar like a butterfly flying all over the page. For that you would need to overlay the whole page, which wouldn't be a good idea to use Flash :D


Good luck.

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