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I made a favicon, and placed it on my site, it works perfectly.


As I have many pages, on three different languages, and many sections in each languages. So the data stored in my host is arranged as per different languages, then each related topics are in deferent folders.


If I create a favicon, as I did, then is there any way that all pages should have same favicon, with the help of any code.


It is difficult manually to open each page, go to code, and place that favicon code in



As I have more than 3000 php pages, all in 368 different folders.

Any suggestion

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as an example in your header that hopefully is templated in the php:

if your favicon is in a folder off root 'templates/images/'

set the src = './templates/images/fav...'


place that concept in your header file (header.html) for example.

There is absolutely no reason you should be tweaking 3000 php pages to do this.

That would rather defeat the purpose of php.

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